Steve Heller


Vice President and Director of the Center for Modern Aging here at Glencroft. Here, up to 900 residents live in a 40-acre lush community setting and are helped through the aging process to achieve the greatest possible level of independence. Steve will work tirelessly with these residents providing purpose and direction for them as well as giving them the tools to learn and engage in the successful aging process. For sixteen years, Steve Heller has been the guru to amateur and professional athletes from the N.F.L, N.B.A, P.G.A., L.P.G.A, and M.L.B. who chose him based on his extensive knowledge of exercise physiology in relation to sports-specific training and post rehabilitation conditioning. He created Fore-Max Training at the Westin Kierland Resort in Scottsdale Arizona, which was known per Men’s Journal Magazine as one of the top four vacation workout programs in the world.