Providence Place at Glencroft offers a patient-centric program to individuals with a variety of cognitive impairments, filling their skilled nursing and behavioral needs.

Providence Place at Glencroft recognizes the growing need in our community to care for people with a variety of medical and psychiatric diagnoses, such as traumatic brain injuries, non-traumatic brain injuries, Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other personal changes due to known physiological conditions. The main goal of our Behavioral Health program at Providence Place is to provide a safe, secure place where people can receive treatment to move beyond the immediate crisis, while providing continued stabilization. Our residents deserve, and have the right to live in, the least restrictive environment possible in a community setting.

Specialty Behavioral Health Care

Our Providence Place Behavioral Unit consists of 13 private rooms offering specialty trained staff. The higher staffing ratios and specialized training in this unit provides Person-Centered Care. High Acuity Behavioral Care offers broad criteria for admissions. Common behavioral care needs may include:

  • Intrusive wandering
  • Territorial behavior
  • Refusal of necessary treatments
  • Combative with care
  • Verbal aggression
  • Restlessness
  • Medication non-compliance
  • Sexually inappropriate behavior
  • Yelling
  • Property destruction

What is the Treatment Process?

Treatment begins with a preadmission evaluation with our Director of Admissions, a Licensed Practical Nurse with a Behavioral Health background. The evaluation and findings are reviewed by the Director of Admissions/ Behavioral Program Manager for approval. Upon admission, a care plan meeting is scheduled early, in order to create an individualized treatment plan that identifies the resources and specific needs for the resident.

Treatment Interventions at Providence Place

Behavioral Health Care ActivitiesOur treatment interventions are flexible, and take into consideration the resident’s cultural preferences and support systems. Examples of some interventions that may be employed include:

  • Removing the resident from the situation

  • Re-approaching/redirecting

  • Using music as a distraction

  • Using maximum encouragement

  • Reasonable negotiations

All treatment plans are based on one of our basic tenets: Each resident at Glencroft deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. We always offer hope and empowerment for our residents as we work with them toward achieving their individual goals.

Providence Place at Glencroft couldn’t have found a better partner in Brain Solutions Center to team up with to provide Clinical and Psychiatric oversight.

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