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In order to provide factually correct information, Glencroft Center for Modern Aging will provide, by next business day, the information below. This data are reviewed and updated when there are changes. Please note that we are required to first notify families of residents who may therefore temporarily see slightly different numbers. Pursuant to the governor's order, expanded COVID testing availability has resulted in an increase in known active COVID cases in skilled nursing.

From the beginning of this pandemic, Glencroft has carefully followed the most stringent preventative protocols and we continue to do so. As COVID-19 is studied and new information is gained, these protocols are changed accordingly and this may create some confusion. Please rest assured that Glencroft will continue to meet or exceed the CDC guidelines which can be found here:

COVID-19 is essentially uncharted waters for Glencroft and indeed for our entire society, but our associates have responded with dedication to our residents despite unprecedented challenges. Our staff truly are heroes, filling in where needed, getting training/certifications for new roles, working more overtime and generally collaborating and creating solutions to problems they have never faced before. There is an uncommon resilience evident in our 800-plus residents and 500-plus employees. People are at their best it seems when circumstances are the worst. This is the best that humanity offers.

Due to the severity of COVID-19, we ask that campus visitation be limited, and if a visit is necessary, we ask that you wear a mask and comply with the security screening when you arrive. We want to ensure everyone stays healthy and safe. For more information, or to speak with someone on campus, please contact us at 623-512-4005.