Sitting on 40 lush acres of trees and grass in Glendale, Arizona...

Glencroft Center for Modern Aging is a community and an environment designed to inspire seniors to enjoy enriched and fulfilling lives.

The largest senior living community in Arizona and the fourth largest in the nation, we have more than 900 residents and 500 staff. What does that mean for you or your family? It means community. It means care, support, and compassion. It means all-inclusive services – from housekeeping, to security, meals, transportation, and activities. It means living the best, most independent life that your health allows. It means our residents can enjoy a sustained journey of care.

What do we mean
by journey of care?

The "industry" term for a place like Glencroft is a "Continuum of Care Retirement Community", often simplified by the acronym CCRC. But that still doesn't mean much to real people. What it means to us is that we offer a tiered approach to the aging journey; we can accommodate a resident's changing care needs as they age in place on our campus.

Evolving needs = Evolving levels of care

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Glencroft at Home by AmeriCare

If you or your loved one wants to remain independent for the longest amount of time, ‘Glencroft at Home by AmeriCare’ can provide additional attention in our independent living residences. Our ‘at home’ team will help with simple activities of daily living, allowing you to retain your independence for as long as it is practical to do so.

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