Alzheimer's or dementia care is often simply referred to as ``memory care`` in senior healthcare, and many families think of dementia as Alzheimer’s disease.

But that’s an over-simplification. While Alzheimer’s is the leading form of age-related dementia, it is only one of many different types of age-related dementia. Memory care at Glencroft involves support for a wide range of mental debilitations for residents with very different levels of physical challenges.

For example, some dementia patients may be confused, yet are completely ambulatory. They could wander away from home at great risk to themselves. Wandering dementia patients need to live in a secure environment to keep them safe.

However, other dementia patients may be just as confused, but not physically or mentally capable of wandering away, thus not requiring as much security. Additionally, any given level of mental debilitation may be complicated by the patient’s physical or clinical needs, which may require 24-hour care.

As a result, the varying levels of dementia (mild, moderate, advanced) combined with differing levels of physical ability require several different kinds of memory care program.

ZoeLife for Memory Care Residents


Residents living with mild, moderate, and even advanced dementia can benefit from the ZoeLife wellness program and the person-directed care and activities that we focus on. Activities are designed to support and enhance the capabilities of each resident. Residents enjoy group & individualized activities, social services, spiritual services, and more.

Assisted Living & Skilled Nursing Memory Care

At Glencroft Center for Modern Aging, we offer dementia care in assisted living environments with minimal clinical care with varying levels of security, as well as in skilled nursing environments with more complex clinical 24-hour skilled nursing care. Our memory care programs are designed for mild, to moderate, to advanced dementia patients with varying degrees of clinical complexity and ambulatory ability. We offer private and shared room options.*

  • Friendship House (Assisted Living and Memory Care)
  • Sarah’s Place (Memory Care)
  • Purple Sage (Skilled Nursing and Memory Care)
  • Joshua Tree (Skilled Nursing and Behavioral Health)
  • Primrose Lane (Skilled Nursing and Memory Care)

*Based on availability

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