Getting older does not mean getting bored!

If you've browsed this website for a few minutes, you'll have noticed that Glencroft Center For Modern Aging is a place to live!

We are resetting expectations of what the world thinks retirement communities or senior living communities are! Our campus lifestyle focuses on successful aging; our staff focus on the needs and desires of our residents, emphasizing health and wellness at every opportunity. At the forefront of all that is our ZoeLife program. Actually much more than a program, it’s our campus-wide culture!

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ZoeLife® arm wrestling competition

What is ZoeLife?

Zoe is a biblical word, Greek in origin, meaning life and vitality. After extensive research on regions of the world where people live long and thrive in old age, ZoeLife was born – the practice of healthy living.

A whole-person, holistic wellness program, ZoeLife helps Glencroft residents maintain a healthy, active lifestyle and achieve and preserve a higher quality of life. Whole person wellness helps people reshape themselves on multiple levels. Each area is extremely important and plays a key role in our overall well-being.

ZoeLife tackles the most prominent needs and problems we all have by focusing on the six pillars of true wellness:

Spiritual wellness

allows us to find purpose and meaning in our existence, feeling connected to something or someone bigger than ourselves.

Emotional wellness

refers to our ability to manage behaviors and feelings. It also encompasses our capacity to handle stress and everyday challenges, while giving and receiving affection from others.

Physical wellness

is based on healthy lifestyle choices, as well as removing negative habits. It encourages participation in enjoyable activities meant to boost strength, flexibility and balance.

Social wellness

targets the quality of our interactions with others, and supports the development of healthier, longer- lasting bonds while enabling a richer, more fulfilling life.

Intellectual wellness

delivered through Glencroft University, refers to our ability to develop and express ideas in an effective manner to expand existing knowledge through continuing education.

Vocational wellness

enables us to discover a new calling in life, experience a feeling of usefulness, improve self-esteem and self-image, and boost our quality of life.

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