Glencroft - A Continuum of Care Retirement Community (CCRC)

Glencroft Center for Modern Aging is the largest continuum of care retirement community in Arizona. But what does continuum of care really mean to you or your family?

As we age, our care needs change. Glencroft residents enjoy a seamless transition through the aging journey, all within our beautiful 40-acre community in Glendale, Arizona. They experience compassionate, innovative care and support services; all designed to promote the greatest possible level of independence as they journey through the aging process.

Whether in our Independent Living or Assisted Living residences, or in one of our Memory Care programs, or our Long-term Care/Skilled Nursing community, we encourage our residents to pursue vitality through a full, active, and purposeful life.

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Glencroft is a Place to Live, Where ZoeLife is Good!

Everything we do at Glencroft is driven by ZoeLife, a program that encourages residents to pursue vitality through a full, active and purposeful life. But ZoeLife is so much more than just a program, it is our culture, it is a lifestyle.

We feel “Successful Aging” can be summed up simply by making sure a resident, no matter their age or health needs, has a sense of purpose and direction. If our seniors have purpose, passion and meaning in their lives, then they have the best possible opportunity to age happily and successfully.

At Glencroft we like to say “ZoeLife is good!” Why? Because our staff focuses on helping residents achieve a sense of fulfillment in six key areas of their lives; what we call the six pillars of true wellness – spiritual, emotional, physical, social, intellectual and vocational health.

You can learn more much about ZoeLife at ZoeLifeOnline, and here in Forbes magazine.

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It Takes a Village! Community isn't Lonely

At our core, we humans are social creatures. Some more than others for sure, but everyone likes to make friends with similar interests. Being part of a community is good for the soul! When we feel part of something bigger, we feel we matter…and that is especially important as we age.

Being part of a community fosters feelings of safety and lightness-of-being, and that is invaluable. When we consider the factors that improve quality of life, research shows that daily social interactions with others top the chart! That’s why our community at Glencroft is so important.

While our residents are enjoying community life and the many amenities on campus, they meet others who enjoy the same things. Loneliness is not something our residents need to endure. If their social circle has become smaller, they will always be able to meet interesting people with similar interests.

Come Experience What Makes Glencroft Different

Whether you are considering a retirement community option for yourself, or for senior family members, we encourage you to come and take a tour. Explore our beautiful 40-acre campus, experience a little community life, meet a few residents and staff along the way…and discover why ZoeLife is good at Glencroft!

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