COVID-19 Safety Practices

older gentleman getting swabbed for COVID 19

The executive team and frontline healthcare staff at the Glencroft Center for Modern Aging have implemented best practices for resident safety. In fact, Glencroft’s staff is specially trained to minimize risk and treat such infectious diseases as the coronavirus and influenza.

At Glencroft, we realize the coronavirus pandemic is cause for ongoing concern for current and potential residents, employees, and their families. Throughout the past year, the care team at Glencroft implemented a long list of additional safety precautions. Glencroft also provided frontline healthcare workers with additional training specific to the pandemic based on guidelines for care and infection control.

5 covid-19 vaccine bottlesTo provide peace of mind that the Glencroft Center for Modern Aging not only meets but exceeds guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) and the Arizona Department of Health Services, the following list outlines many of the precautions practiced at Glencroft throughout the pandemic:

  • Free coronavirus vaccines for Glencroft staff & residents.
  • Mandatory personal protective equipment (PPE) for Glencroft staff.
  • Mandatory masks & social distancing requirements campus-wide.
  • Telemedicine program expansion to bypass residents’ need for external appointments.
  • Hand sanitizing stations at entry/exit points.
  • Area & full-facility lockdowns as needed during the pandemic.
  • Physicians & nurse practitioners are available onsite for emergency care & follow-up.
  • COVID-19 isolation units created to safely treat and contain recovering patients.a nurse wearing PPE caring for a patient
  • Mandatory temperature checks/screening & COVID testing for staff, residents & visitors.
  • Regularly scheduled sterilizing services to decontaminate the facility.
  • Plastic screens installed between reception desks & visitors.
  • Onsite food bank with necessities for staff & residents, limiting the need for external exposure to stores & people.
  • Convalescent plasma & blood donations from eligible employees.
  • COVID-19 safety tips & reminders across social media platforms & email.
  • Door hangers for residents to confirm wellbeing, or to signal a need for support.
  • Meals & activities delivered to residents in their homes.
  • Paid meals for employees working in COVID units (to minimize external exposure).a woman using a hand sanitizer dispenser
  • Spiritual & mental health counseling support.
  • HR referral packages to assist staff with pandemic-related financial & childcare burdens.
  • Livestream & online exercise programs, Glencroft University lectures, spiritual & religious services, & other activities.
  • Emergency preparedness pay & bonuses for healthcare staff.
  • Onsite assessment & training from infectious disease consultant, Buffy Lloyd-Krejci.
  • Work-from-home options for non-essential staff.
  • Regular communication updates to staff, residents, families & community partners.

Eligible Glencroft employees also donated convalescent plasma to help those battling the virus. Glencroft continues to serve as a valued community partner, as we are in this together.elderly woman in mask giving a thumbs up sign

Are Glencroft staff and residents anxious to return to pre-pandemic activities and social gatherings? Of course! But not until risk factors also return to pre-pandemic minimums. In the meantime, Glencroft is still having fun, safely, continuing to adhere to CDC and state health guidelines.

For additional questions about COVID-19 safety practices at the Glencroft Center for Modern Aging, refer to our COVID-19 Safety Fact Sheet, or contact Scott McClintock at

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