Memory Care Rooms Redesigned to Support GCI Patients

The Joshua Tree community courtyard at Glencroft

Glencroft is remodeling rooms designated for aging adults diagnosed with global cognitive impairment (GCI). Thirteen private rooms licensed for double-occupancy will soon be available in  “Joshua Tree,” a sub-unit of Providence Place, Glencroft’s skilled nursing facility.

Larger, private rooms are especially helpful for patients with GCI. Symptoms include confusion, poor motor coordination, and memory loss, which are often exacerbated when overstimulated, such as in shared room settings. By offering a private room setting at Joshua Tree, Glencroft empowers GCI residents to have the very best day possible, every day of their stay.

A private memory care room in “Joshua Tree.”

Joshua Tree is one of several specialty care units being renovated within the skilled nursing facility. Memory care units known as Primrose Lane, Purple Sage, and Senita have undergone similar conversions into private rooms, designed to provide a more spacious, home-like feel for residents, improving their overall happiness and wellbeing.

Although Providence Place is licensed to accommodate 225 total patients, Glencroft intentionally reduced patient headcount, investing more in residents’ quality of life. This involves converting shared or semi-private rooms into large private rooms, dropping operating capacity at Providence Place from 225 to 147. The new GCI-dedicated rooms will be available for new and existing Glencroft residents in the spring.

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