March is National Nutrition Month

heart shaped bowl filled with fruit and vegetables next to stethascope

The National Council on Aging offers healthy eating tips for seniors and explains the importance of good nutrition for aging adults to maintain a healthy weight, reduce risk of chronic disease and illness, and to retain their independence.

March may be National Nutrition Month, but at the Glencroft Center for Modern Aging, residents understand what it means to be “Powered by ZoeLife” and the importance of making healthy food choices every day.

Powered by ZoeLife

ZoeLife isn’t a program or diet. It’s a culture and everyday mindset for holistic wellbeing. It empowers individuals at any age to maximize their quality of life. Glencroft’s ZoeLife principles are based on six pillars of wellness: spiritual, emotional, physical, social, intellectual and vocational. Nutrition falls under the physical pillar.

Many residents learn about the importance of good nutrition through customized support from Glencroft’s registered dietician and certified geriatric nutritionist, Barbara Cunningham.

Others attend Glencroft University lectures, such as those taught at Glencroft by Ark Family Health Medical Director Dr. Kendrick Johnson. Henry’s Café also offers traditional meals onsite, as well as a selection of “Zoe” menu items, such as salmon fresca or the savory, plant-based “flower power pizza.”

ZoeLife Cookbook

plate of healthy foodIn fact, good nutrition is a cornerstone at Glencroft. So much so that residents teamed up with Glencroft’s nutrition staff to create the first-ever ZoeLife Cookbook, expected to release in late spring 2021. More than 100 residents submitted 126 favorite family recipes, along with a short story behind their picks. Glencroft’s ZoeLife nutrition “dream team” accepted the challenge to convert the towering stack of favorites into healthy, Zoe-friendly options.

For many residents with dietary restrictions, old family favorites can still be enjoyed with healthier ingredient substitutions. Keep your eyes peeled for our announcement when the long-awaited, premiere edition of the ZoeLife Cookbook is released!

About Glencroft

The Glencroft Center for Modern Aging is the largest continuing care retirement community in Arizona, providing independent, assisted, long-term living and memory care services. Located on a lush 40-acre desert in sunny Glendale, Glencroft is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization supported through the Glencroft Friendship Foundation and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Independent Living at GlencroftDevelopment (HUD). Thanks to the generosity of individual donors, corporate sponsors and grant-giving organizations, ZoeLife’s optional customized wellness programs and amenities are provided at no additional cost for Glencroft residents.

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